A derma roller is a device designed to create localised controlled trauma in the upper skin layers, which progresses to cause better skin healing and improvement of a variety of skin issues without causing any long-term damage. Over a course of treatments, Genuine Dermaroller® can:

  • Naturally fill your wrinkles by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin in the affected areas.
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin to repair your skin abnormalities including scars. It works very well for both acne and chickenpox scars. Be aware that there are multiple different types of scars with different properties and hence professional skin consultation is recommended to make sure the treatment is appropriate for you.
  • Encourage blood flow and the production of hormones that promote healthier skin and reduce laxity in your tissues.
  • Repair and rejuvenate your sun-damaged skin and boost the absorption rate of topical treatments.
  • Facilitate hyperpigmentation treatments where irregularities are close the surface of your skin.
  • Improve the look of Rosacea by increasing the thickness of your epidermis and stimulating the growth of collagen, resulting in reduced redness.

Dermarolling is a quick process that produces results almost immediately and requires very little recovery time. Side effects are minimal, though you may experience slight redness and peeling. Symptoms will normally disappear after 7 days.

Genuine Dermaroller® is also highly flexible and can be used in a variety of areas including face, neck, décolletage and even over the torso, back and limbs. Depending on where the problematic area is on your body we can adjust the needle depth accordingly to make sure we are performing the procedure both effectively and as safely as we can. For smaller more localized zones, we can also utilize the Genuine DermaStamp®, which is better at targeting isolated small units of problematic tissues, especially scars.

Interested or have any questions? Please do not hesitate to book a free skincare consultation with Dr Raj to discuss your personal needs.

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