At Skin Radiance Clinics in Leeds, we have a range of medical grade chemical skin peels. The thought of peels always paints the wrong picture in most people’s minds. You do not shed a layer of skin like a reptile, your face does not drop off or become red and raw for weeks as common myths depict. We use a variety of peels of different strengths, and work up slowly and gently and spread 4-6 weeks between each peel to make sure you adjust appropriately. It is important to note that peels work best when taken as a course rather than as single treatments. You are not going to get a full effect after a single treatment. One treatment does not give your skin enough time to adjust and gain the valuable benefit peels can provide.

We review your progress over time between treatments and adjust your regime according to the results seen. We use the world famous Neostrata range, which are AHA (Alpha Hydroxyacid) peels. These are some of the safest skin renewal methods, recognised for their anti-ageing effects, and they are not toxic to the skin. The acids used in the peels are taken from fruits and flowers; they are able to make your skin smoother and improve its appearance.

AHAs regulate the appearance of your skin through each layer and boost the production of collagen. As a result of an AHA peel, your skin becomes smoother and features less pigmentation. The peels are designed to improve signs of ageing, including rough skin, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation.
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