We urge you to not Google your skin conditions and formulate a plan. Skincare demands time, experience and frequently shifting regimes based on follow up and progress. We do a free skin consultation where you can discuss your skin needs and the issues you may be facing. We then perform a thorough examination of the area and this helps paint a comprehensive picture of your skin’s health and helps us to formulate an exact treatment plan to target the skin condition you suffer from.

It is vital to better understand your overall health and make the right health choices with regard to treatment. Once treatment has begun, we need to keep seeing you to make sure you are progressing well, and if any issues arise, we are flexible enough to change the regime to suit you changing needs. This is the key to making sure we make steady progress towards our combined skin goals for you. It is a journey we embark on together and there are frequently tears of joy when we reach our destination.

What happens on the day

On the day, you will be greeted by our lovely reception staff in the clinic – either Sharon, Sally or Heather. You can have a lovely warm beverage and relax in the waiting room which is scented with special candles to help you completely let go and immerse yourself in your thoughts. At your appointment time, Dr Raj Thethi will come and collect you and bring you into the main clinic from the waiting room. There are several rooms we can use depending on if it just a consultation or possible treatment is required.

There are ground floor rooms and toilet and priority parking facilities and for those with disabilities. We want our patients to attend as relaxed as possible. Once you are in the consultation Dr Raj will talk through basic introductions, establish your concerns and desires and take a full medical and aesthetic history to gauge a better understanding of your treatment options and what Skin Radiance Clinics can offer you. If required Dr Raj’s wife, Dr Sharan can be on hand and be present in the consultation if you’d prefer a chaperone.

If you need more time to decide we would rather you went away and thought about it with someone close to you and returned when you are ready. If you are happy and want to ahead with treatment on the day we use one our our specialised treatment rooms to carry out our complex medical aesthetic procedures. We pride ourselves on cleanliness and safety and this echoes in all corners of the practice. If there is anything you are not happy with or have any questions or concerns at all – we welcome open feedback and are happy to take your opinions on board to better the practice and keep our patients happy and we request you speak to our helpful staff directly and we will endeavour to sort any problems as soon as we can. We are here for you not just in the treatment but you will be given Dr Raj’s personal mobile and if you have any issues with the treatment or any concerns or questions we encourage to ring this number day or night. You will have direct 24/7 access to his medical expertise and this is an important part of our service to our patients.

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